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    Hi there. I’m looking for a great name for my natural soap and, potentially, other bath/body/cosmetics products company. Everything is hand-made, using natural and, where possible, organic ingredients. Branding wise, I’m still working that out but I’d like it to be quite simple, possibly a little quirky whilst retaining a certain elegance and classiness. No tacky bubbly or fun names, please. 🙂

    I’m considering:

    Penny Soap Co.
    Penny Street Soap Co.
    Fresh Cosmetics

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    Another idea… Kiwi Soap or Kiwi Soap Co.

    I’m living in New Zealand, hence the Kiwi part, however I’m actually Scottish. Tartan Soap Co?

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    Sabana ( soap in Asian languages ) + Craft ( handmade )


    a) Pronounceable 2 word , easy to remember.

    b) is available . Finding an available dot com is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face .

    c) Easy to trademark in your country. Names like ‘Kiwi Soap Co’ would have already been registered I think.

    d) The name clearly defines the product. The word ‘Sabana’ ( or it’s variant) is known to half the globe so it would be  easy to brand your product in future if you wish to expand.


    Cons : 

    1) The word ‘Sabana’ means ‘Savannah’ in Spanish. I don’t see it as a major issue , just wanted to make you aware.


    All the best for your search 🙂

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    I think SOAK is awesome!

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