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    Hi all

    I am creating a new laser brand for tattoo removal machines. I have brainstormed a few ideas myself

    King Laser
    Elite Lasers
    Royal Lasers

    All of these sound a bit forced and like im trying to prove to the world that my company is the greatest that will ever have been created. Would much prefer something simple and relatable and id rather be called the king of lasers through reputation without me screaming it out.

    Will be quite a high end brand. Competitors are


    Would like to have a main Brand that has different products underneath it. Cynosure make Picosure/Revlite/Medlite. Quanta make Q-Plus C, Deka have a model called QS-4. Wontech have Pastelle, Picocare

    Thought i would give this forum a try before i sign up to a naming contest site.

    If i am giving an idea i like, you will be rewarded 🙂


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