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    Hi there. I’ve been sitting on this for months and am quite frustrated. Our current name is Posski. You can find more at posski.com

    It is a Point of Sales business.

    The name works but we want to go global and so I think a better name is out there.

    I’ve looked at words such as Spine, Brain, Kortex Intelligence, Backbone, flow, liquid, fluid, swoosh, swift. I’ve liked words such as Bolt and Dash as they have several meanings but they are already taken in this space. Even came up with Acumulus which I really like but it may not work as it has too many syllables.

    Would ideally like a real word. Something that is simple yet effective.

    Abacus was really good for us but taken everywhere.

    Don’t mind so much if the domain name is taken as I can add my own fillers.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Tipping Point




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    Machine Bean
    Walk The Plank

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    Thanks guys. I think we’ve decided to go with abacus. Something simple yet effective.

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