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  • Syoust
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for suggestions for a new hostel business. It will be a luxury hostel – a hybrid of a hostel and a boutique hotel – designed especially for millennial travellers who are cost-conscious but style-seeking and love to stay connected.

    The target market are millennial travellers. They are everyone from young backpackers to families and business travellers looking for affordable accommodations that emphasize social interaction with extensive public facilities. Those travellers include both domestic and international tourists.

    I would like the brand to convey the following:
    1. Luxury design
    2. Affordable – budget prices
    3. Social experience –  meet new people, relax, have fun
    4. Technology and social media to meet needs of millennial traveller
    5. Sustainability – helping the local community in which we operate

    I am looking for a name that fits in with the brand and can be used worldwide.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.


  • quarkquark
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    …excellently presented, thanks


    Sugar Suite

  • FrannyFranny
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    saffron — love it.

    lends itself perfectly to a warm, welcoming yet vibrant brand color palette. the word itself already has an international “presence,” and evokes a feeling of something special, unique. (in my opinion anyway!)

    • Syoust
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      Thanks. Saffron is very good.

      Also thought of:




  • van helsing
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  • Syoust
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    Definitely agree with Franny about Saffron. Gives off a unique feeling. Also like Marriott’s new brand, Moxy. Sounds very fun and playful appealing to the millennial generation.

    More suggestions would be great.

    • Syoust
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      I feel Saffron sounds like a restaurant name.

  • FrannyFranny
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    I hear you, Syoust. However, consider this, as snark mentions from time to time (but he does a better job of it):

    Virgin doesn’t sound like an airline name, Amazon doesn’t sound like a online “shop of everything” name & even “W” doesn’t sound like a luxury hotel brand.

    Before those names existed, a lot of arguements could’ve been made for not using them. But brand positioning- done right- made those names fly.

    I think your luxury hostel concept is a great one. Do it justice by exploring names that may, at first, seem out of its realm.


    • Syoust
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      Very true. Appreciate the advice.

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