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    I’m looking for a Company name and tagline for a one man (will grow soon) apparel industry consultant.

    I work closely with new entrants in the market or small setup brands to make their product available all over the country – basically helping them sell and make a brand name in the market. I help with product pricing and in creating sample sets and marketing of the brands but identifying potential markets and sales remain the main focus.

    My brief from brands is typically “we do x amount of turnover and are looking at growing and doing X+ amount now.”

    I want my name to convey – trust, dependability, strength, growth and a solid experience and foundation.

    Tagline should convey: I’m your go to guy.. you can trust me to help you grow.. (any other suggestions are appreciated)

    All help on this is highly appreciated. Thank You.

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    Threadwise | build a smarter apparel brand


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      Thank you Franny. Very interesting indeed. Still looking for something with more power.


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    Tree of Life | Growing apparel brands

    Fashion Explosion | Apparel brand consulting

    Dynamic Tension | Apparel brand consulting

    Rock Solid | Apparel brand consulting

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    Thanks a pile snark.

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    Anymore suggestions??

    I got a couple of them.. can we brainstorm here..

    Elevate – Apparel Solutions

    Acheivem Apparel Consulting

    Im not loving these but they seem ok..


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