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Hi all..Just found this site and am so thrilled that there is help out there.

I would appreciate any help with names for a new business idea I have. I am really bad at choosing a catchy or clever name, not one of my strong points!

Ive bought a horse box trailer and converting it into a catering trailer to cater at outdoor events.

The food I will be doing is all wholesome food, healthy and vegan. As much as i would like to advertise that it’s vegan, I can’t, reason being is that people who aren’t vegan won’t give my trailer a second glance. I will be making things like wraps, stew, curries, meze platter, mushroom burgers etc..

If someone could please help with the name, maybe something to do with the horse box or maybe not. Any ideas and help will be very much appreciated, thanking you all in advance xxx