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Well, I agree that Brooklyn Bicycles works better in Oakland than Oakland Bicycles would, and it has a nice alliteration. So it’s not terrible. But it’s still generic and doesn’t set you apart from other bike shops. Your positioning seems to be in the Power To The People vein (…highly customizable and affordable, and can be used by anybody…), so I’d explore that.. Definitely avoid all the “hub,” “spoke” and “ride” names that are done to death in your space, though I quite like van helsing’s tagline, Different Spokes for Different Folks.

Revolution Bicycles (prob not available, but unites Power To The People with the spinning wheel)

Fresh Bicycles


CustomCraft — Different Spokes for Different Folks

RideOn! (I know, broke my own “rule”)

Rolling Thunder (again!)

Brooklynite (like an element, like Kryptonite)


One By One

Another tagline: To each his own.