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I received a very nice PM last night from findkidneydonor, have seen their fb-page and I’ll give them my Looks-legit stamp right now.

And what do you know – he loves the We Bring It name (…ship it!)
However, what do you know – he has one major concern…

[From findkidneydonor]…The only objection that might come up is that people can’t tell from the title that our focus is on kidney donation. If it indicated we do something for specifically kidneys is something that was important when we discussed changing the name. Thoughts?

My short response is to direct one to Snark’s manifesto (http://www.zinzin.com/naming-branding-manifesto/) and let Snark come in here and mop-up with the sweet/short panache of why this is an opportunity, point out that Virgin not only flies  only virgins, Starbucks was once a character in Moby Dick,  etc.
…However, I just cruised a Forbes list of the top 50 non-profits (http://www.forbes.com/top-charities/) and I will point out there’s a fairly universal tendency in these charitable names to generally describe their service/mission/etc.

We’ll see what Snark has to say on the matter (worth the ticket price) and in the meantime let’s flow some new ideas, as well as responses to We Bring It, all the committee-decision concerns included, etc.

This is the type of project we all want to assist in moving forward. I’ll be back in 8 hours or so (i’m sailing in the langerhans;), so let’s help this organization fly – Bring it!