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Hi Peter ,

It’s true that putting a personal name in business sometimes just don’t work the way we expect it to . Your name would work well with the people that already know you but what about the hundreds of potential clients that don’t know you yet ? They are looking for professional quality service and their decision will not be influenced by whether or not the business name is a personal name . However , if you believe that you could brand your name , you should definitely take it forward. How about you getting a little creative ? Peter is a common name , why not brand your surname ‘Bowyer’  ?  It’s as good as a brandable name. Infact , your line of work perfectly fits into it. Would anyone be able to aim an arrow ( to achieve) without a bow ? Start branding your surname and set an imagery about ‘Bowyer’ so that your clients are able to relate your brand to your full name.

All the best for your business.