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You have, unfortunately, defined an empty or nearly empty set. Meaning, there won’t be any real words with meaning available as a 6-letter exact match .com domain name, and few of any kind that aren’t complete alpha-numeric mashup abstractions. You should remove the 6-letter constraint or the exact-match .com requirement, preferably both. Nobody cares if you have an exact-match .com domain any more, and not having one will not hurt you one bit. Even as high-profile a brand as Tesla doesn’t own tesla.com, but instead is at teslamotors.com.

But if you insist you can give it a try, as can anyone else. Go ahead and fire up the Domain Checker (button in right sidebar, below), and start checking 6-letter .com domains. Here, I’ll even get the ball rolling with the terrible name of…drumroll…

Bizcnx (for “biz connex”)

I only had to try 10 or so better alternates before I found one that is available to register. See what I mean? This is not how anybody should name a business.