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Honestly, I like the names you have already!

Price Panda


Price Passport

are easy to remember and catchy. I like price panda the most I don’t know something about the image of the panda just sounds inviting. I like the way it makes me feel. I connect with this more emotionally. Its like my panda friend is going to help me find the best prices 🙂

Price Passport would be my next favorite very straight to the point… it tells me I’m visiting prices… or its my passport to checking prices… its easy to remember. It has a more serious feel and very business like.

Nextag sounds like its from silicon valley and it reminds of cloths because of the word tag for some reason.

I like Raukten… but its hard to spell and remember… you’d have to spend a lot more on marketing to make it stick that why it on the tail end for me.

Get Price… don’t like that one.

Hope that was helpful