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“Am I overthinking the impact a name can have on a brand?” No, the name is the single most important piece of branding you will ever do. Go for an evocative name that demonstrates your brand positioning metaphorically, rather than a functional personal brand name or a descriptive or experiential name, such as (likely) your current company name, that tells people what you do and can thus become dated, incorrect, or just be garden variety boring. Read Pro Tip #3 here — https://www.wordlab.com/topic/how-to-use-the-wordlab-forum/ — then post more details about what you do and what kind of story you want to tell to the world. What makes you different from all similar web consultants?

To answer your three questions: 1) run of the mill, one of thousands of such companies named after the founder, and thus very forgettable; 2) yes, but only with some effort, definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue, and the tendency is to pronounce it like “Boyer;” 3) no — better to start from scratch with an evocative name that rises above the level of the goods and services being offered (see comment and link above).