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Thanks so much for your answer spark,
it’s great having somebody else to discuss things with.
I get a good idea of what you mean by not using latinised names and unique in the same sense, it was very useful having this explained. I really like a lot of the names you’re suggesting, “Texty”, “Weblight” and “Spiderlight” especially appeal to me.

Sorry I didn’t explained enough what my aim and goals with the company are, I guess there are plenty of more work to do here….anyway my thoughts are that the company will be focusing on the craftsmanship so to speak, and the advantages of being a small, personal company that have the time and will put in the effort to do a careful job…at least something like that. And also that I have the skills to somehow “fix” the website in all aspects: design, translation, proofreading and UI (user interface) experience. Hope you get my point? The customers should feel comfortable and that it’s their decision that counts.

Returning to the names I chose from your list, first of all “Texty”, which I think sounds catchy, is easy to remember and professional. The problem might be that the name in itself focus a bit too much on “text”, do you see what I mean? Maybe the customers believe that the company only are working with text translations? Other than that it’s my favourite I think.

The second name, “Weblight” is great in that it too is both professional and memorable. I hope I get your point right that my company “gives light” to the web? I really like the idea and I think that this name sums up what I’ll be doing in a great way.

Finally, “Spiderlight” is both catchy and very suitable for the thought of having a “spiderweb” as a logo (I haven’t decided on this 100% yet though). It also refers to me somehow being the central figure, doesn’t it?

Oh and yes another name I’ve thought of is “Webtex Sweden”, a merging of web and text basically, but in a way it sounds a bit dull and plain?

Looking forward to hear your opinions on my thoughts,