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Jane — do not be concerned with domain names. First of all, EVERY exact-match .com domain name has been registered for every actual word in the English language and any known 2 or 3-word phrases. But that doesn’t matter, because you (and most companies) don’t need an exact-match .com domain name. Simply use a modifier. For instance, if you can’t get wordbalance.com, get wordbalancenow.com. If you can’t get goodink.com, get goodinkediting.com. Look for short modifier words that add context to what you are doing, but are not part of the name, just the domain name. This is not only perfectly acceptable, it’s the way to go for nearly every company. Don’t get hung up on the domain name — focus on creating the best company¬†name possible. See Got Them Domain Domination Blues (and the rest of the Zinzin manifesto while you’re at it).