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Understood iFair not from the 70’s but rather about the 70’s. Indeed and I can certainly relate, like they say if you can remember the 70’s, then you probably weren’t there.

This fellow (we will call him “Alex” which is not his real name) who allegedly knew “Skunk” Baxter was an outstanding storyboard comp artist, but strictly top-dollar freelance, he would be brought in by the bigwigs upstairs, under the cover of darkness to rendered the hot dog creative directors “visions”. He worked like elf all night, and be gone before we all got in on Saturday morning. We would pop into the CD’s office for a peek at his handy work and marvel in slack jawed amazement, he was a real ace! Of course the know-it-all CD never really knew what had until he was gone. Feed up with the game, “Alex” (not his real name) retired in his early 40’s. The last I heard he was building $10,000 doll houses for blue-hairs up in Monterey!