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Sure, but Virgin, etc. bring to mind things other than airplanes, etc.

Re-contextualizing a word or term is a way to stand out (to brand ). These days people are quite used to it and Snark has written manifestos about this (beginning before people were used to it). He’s better suited to explain. If the brand name has a bit of panache and is not disgusting or disturbing, it’s really not a problem, but a positive. In this case, Open Season will no longer mean hunting in as far as event planning is concerned.

…that’s my speech 🙂

Franny’s Ovation and especially Three Cheers are strong for sure, but may be saturated in the EP-space upon investigation.

Pro tip – I often find the best brand is contained in people’s initial entry (been playing that game here for some years). In this case, the best brand for your business is – Pigeonhole!
…tho maybe Hunting Squab is better 😉