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Judith — please provide more information about the brand positioning. See item #3 in ProTips on the How To Use the Wordlab Forum topic: When you post a project, add as many relevant details as possible. This will help all members of the community to get inspired and offer better suggestions for you. Instead of a vague, generic subject line like, “I need a name,” be more specific: “Name for a new hickory smoked BBQ salmon filet product.” Then, in the body of your post, talk about the Brand Positioning of your company, product, or service — what is the big picture story you want this brand to tell to the world, and what is the unique tone and personality to best do that with? By clarifying the goals of your brand to the Wordlab community, you will also clarify what you are doing to yourself. Pithy tagline: Introduce your brand to others to better know it yourself.

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