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    My team of 7 have been trying to think of a really good team name for a challenge we are doing at school. We are all girls, and we are kind of average at sport. There is a range from tall to short people, and we would like a funny name if possible.

    Thank you

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    What kind of team is it? Have you tried our Team Name Generator? https://www.wordlab.com/name-generators/team-name-generator/

    Here are some examples generated by the Team Name Generator, but there are millions more names and combinations possible:

    Breakaway Machine
    Butt Samurai
    Copperhead Gonzo
    Electric Apocalypse
    Karma Babies
    Land Carp
    New Wood Monsters
    Purple World
    Standing Spuds
    Swamp Blisters
    Sweat Ducks
    The Cloud Pixies
    Thick Pony Epidemic
    Tundra Wipeout
    Voodoo Flotsam
    Worm Sprinters

    Have fun!


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    Ms. Fitz

    Seven Card Stud (Deuces Wild)

    Runny Knows

    Grannies Babes

    Seven Chicklets

    Haught Crossed Buns

    Fourteen bUUb’s

    S3V3N Gurls

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