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     Tag Line needed for travel insurance website.


    Below are details of the voice & tone of the company’s website:

    1. Target audience:  millenials

    2. Company personality is: Expert, caring, reliable
    But not:
    Distant or chummy

    3. With products and services:  Trusted, helping, knowledgeable Superior or condescending

    4. With relationships:
    Responsive, committed, genuine, proactive Chatty or cavalier

    5. Organization is:
    Easy to do business with, globally connected, disciplined, not formal or stuffy


    6. When users visit the travel insurance website, we want the branding to evoke the
    following feelings in the end user/consumer/traveler:
    Emotion/Feeling: What Users Might Say:
    Relieved “ xx understands and cares about my situation, and they know what
    they’re doing.”

    Protected “I know xx travel insurance plans are designed to protect me, and believe
    they are honest and upfront about what my plan doesn’t cover.”

    Prepared “With xx coverages, services, tools and resources, I know I’ve done
    everything I can to protect my trip.”

    Informed “While I know that xx plans won’t cover everything, I am much more
    knowledgeable about travel insurance after visiting their site/purchasing a plan.”

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    Know-how to Protect Yourself.

    Peace of Mind Goes a Long Way.

    Insure a Great Trip.

    Travel with Renewed Confidence.


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    Hi, do you have a name or name contenders? It’s helpful to know that first, so the tagline can support it.

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    We cannot share the company name because its being rebranded (not yet launched to the market) but its an existing travel insurance provider that is 0% tolerance on compliance issues/very reputable.

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