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      Phooky Cell Phones – Answer with a “phooky move” and generally have a “phooky attitude”
      Mephoura Preformance Car – Feels exhilarating to drive like you just wanna speed your guts out – Mega Website
      Sleepycat Dj Equipment – Unique Aura gives turntablists better skills
      Sleepycat Race Tires – Unique Aura gives racers better skills
      Rhythmlife Dj Equipment – unique aura give turntablist better skills
      Spirit Video Game Console – inspires more vibrant graphics with special spirit feel

      Q’s & P’s Charity

      Reilas Fine Watches (Ray-Las)
      Feyni Bunano (boo-nah-no) Baseball Bat -Attack Bat or new signature bat of baseball
      Feyni Ratbat Baseball Bat – Mini Attack Bat
      Sena Cologne
      Angelkat Perfume
      Klarso toilet paper
      Lahara Machete – Mini Machete
      Radeyo Machete – Cool Rage-Funky Design
      Wukasa Hot Sauce (woo-kah-saw – suppose to sound extremely tough)
      Sachi Electronics – jewelry website

      Gooey’s Products
      Shamgoo, Congootioner, Goo Wash, Stylin Goo
      Lakiyoki Soap
      Angeloqi Soap

      Sodarat Pop
      Royburn Energy Drinks
      Jei Roka Homey Fruity Drinks


      Wukasa Whiskey (Woo-Kah-Saw)
      Shye-Karré Rum
      Kamapoka Rum Shots (Kah-mah-pauk-kah)
      Jamacian Spider Rum
      Serlé Vodka
      Sabajaba Vodka – all mixed together in the crates/boxes
      Weird Black Spoon Sabajaba Vodka
      Weird Black Fork Sabajaba Vodka
      Weird Black Knife Sabajaba Vodka
      Kyegaro Rum – (kaig-gar-ro) feels tough
      Katojaks Gin
      Roca Loca Coconut Rum
      Wu Shai Whiskey
      Kamu Gin
      Angeléci Vodka
      Guji Wine
      Romela Wine
      Kalarosi Wine
      Saja Beer
      Johca Beer (joh-ka)

      Wildkat Boots
      Ja Le Boots (ja-lee)
      Hokofa Boots

      Le Sooty`s Hats

      Smilí Fedoras (smill-lee)
      Konechó Fedoras

      Raskool Skateboarding
      Zenqat Skateboarding
      Street Angel (skate n bmx)
      Regan Snowboarding
      Kajillion Surf Wear
      Shemwembo Snowboard Wear
      Kaenae (kai-nai)Off Road Wear (dirtbikes and atvs an stuff)


      Panti Lé Swá Lingerie
      Bon Naughti Lingerie
      Lyna Rocé Lingerie
      Lissy Misa Lingerie
      Faroxi Lingerie

      Hesca Suits
      Rasana Suits
      Dafu Suits
      Juchida Suits
      Rosata Suits
      Remoni Suits
      Hon Sengi Gentlemans Wear

      Sohke Socks – encourages mischievousness

      Rojéri (Ro-Yare-Ri
      Sanjans (San-Wans)
      Kaffy Apparel (like banana republic) – very classy feel to the name
      Scarna and Blackeye leather
      Sotéza – captures the essence of being a street kid
      Angel Bones Apparel
      Kanoco Hip Hop Apparel
      Dieselnot Apparel
      Wu Shae Ka GFunk Apparel

      Rich Burn K.O. – Super Rich and Styling for the talented super stars.

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      • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by wolfrat810.
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      Thanks @wolfrat810 — great suggestions! And thanks for your participation on the Forum. Welcome to Wordlab!

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