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    Request for taglines and names. If the client likes a tagline or name, we will surely keep you posted. This is real. Thanks in advance.

    1.) Tagline for a company with name ArrowThrow – dealing with futuristic diagnostic techniques and treatment techniques. The taglines should be in the lines of ” focused targets ” or ” one step ahead”.

    2.) Tagline for a company with name BridgeMonday. Taglines should be in the lines of …making you look forward to Mondays…interesting Mondays….love to work on Mondays. If you can suggest a new name, that will also be nice.

    3.) Tagline for company with name Zumheilen ( means, to heal). Works on biotechnology products,artificial skin,  – source material is human blood – eg: tec-journeying with you on the road to recovery.

    4.) Tagline for a company with name Healtheez. Internet of things in health ( mobile apps, telemedicine,smart devices,remote monitoring etc)

    5.) Creative names for 3 different plans – like a starter plan, mid-level plan, high end plan or silver plan, gold plan, platinum plan or less money, little more money, more money ; )

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    Any suggestions? Please help.

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    At the risk of putting lame stuff out here, I’m hoping this might inspire others to some better brainstorming. 🙂

    For #1, tagline: Pointing to the next step and beyond, Pointing the way, Pointing ahead, To tomorrow and beyond

    For #2, the name could be MondayLove

    For #3, Forward together, Healing the future, or some sort of combo from #1 above

    For #4, something about a map, but I can’t put my finger on it. Or something with the word “all” (i.e. All the [things])

    For #5, superpowers are popular these days I hear – something about leveling up to the next power?


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    Thanks, Jane.

    This is a good start.

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