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    • feelloved
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      We have been trying to come up with a business name for our new company, but it really isn’t easy.  By offering your feedback and ideas, you are making a huge impact on the future of our company!  

      Our company will offer helpful ideas about Love on well-designed products.  We will have different, short statements like “Lean on Love” on products like cups, t-shirts, and stickers.  Our mission statement is to, “help people feel loved.”  We will launch with retail products, but eventually get into events, and other ways to engage people about how they can let Love help.  Our company hopes to become an engaging conversation for the meaningful ways that people connect to Love, instead of judging or condemning the differences between how we connect with Love.  We will start selling our products online, and then hopefully move into wholesaling to retailers.

      We want the name to be:



      Sums up our company and explains the business

      Easy to understand

      Awe inspiring

      Appeals to people who believe in some kind of higher power / the divine / god / something bigger than themselves

      Fun to say

      Easy to spell

      We don’t want it to be:


      Easy to forget

    • quark
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      Great presentation, let see what we can fly…

      Letter L
      Let Love

    • feelloved
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      Hey Quark – thanks for your thoughts!  I really like “Let Love” but the domain is taken 🙁

    • quark
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      Re domains, the short domains names will be taken (or for sale). If you go with a shorter name (generally best), you simply add a modifier…such as, LetLoveInternational,, etc.

      The search engines and direct links save you, as no one needs to type full domain addresses anymore.

    • Franny
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      Love People

      Bridge Love

      ps. I like quark’s Let Love too.

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