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      We have a product in market but need to choose a new name before we scale the product further.

      We are running into a few challenges:

      • Internationalization – The name is difficult to say for many of our global customers and has mixed meanings in some countries.
      • The name may not extend well as we begin launching additional services (voice, infrastructure, etc.). ie/ Company ProductName Voice
      • There is confusion with two similar products in a similar industry.

      Our prioritized criteria in choosing a new name are:

      • Distinctive from other conferencing/collaboration brands
      • Matches our desired brand promise (see notes below)
      • Brevity
      • Extendability (can denote additional product extensions ie/ Productname Voice, Productname Video, Productname Cloud, etc.)

      A few things we’ll consider and that may receive minor points:

      • Protectability (.com, trademarks)
      • Doesn’t associate negatively with a popular cultural icon (that we know of…)
      • Easy to spell and pronounce (especially if you are English as a second language)

      The context you’ll need regarding the brand promise we want to represent:

      • We prioritized the following words during an association exercise:
      •    TOP: Relief, Surprise, Bliss, Fresh Air
      •    CLOSE SECOND: Simple, Trusted
      •    NOT PRIORITY: Professional Easy Reliable Secure Automation Collaboration Refined Innovative</span>
      • We want to achieve a level of playfulness that is less than Google Hangouts (ie/ hats and mustaches) but more than Webex/Lync.
      • As a personality, we like to reference our brand as ‘The hipster next to the guy in the jacket’. The credibility is there, but with a fresh and different approach.

      We are increasingly emphasizing that our highly customized user experience will help drive adoption
      For additional context on what our product does:

      Large enterprises have been one of the last places where bad collaboration experiences still reside, even though they make up 50% of potential video users (they also have the highest willingness to pay for videoconferencing service). Large enterprises face requirements for security, compliance, performance and integration that preclude widespread use of over-the-top videoconferencing solutions (ie/ Hangouts, Skype, Bluejeans, etc.). As a result, the solutions most prevalent feature outdated and un-intuitive user experiences.

      We believe that we can allow enterprise users access to compelling collaboration experiences. Beginning in 2015 that will mean creating new end-user facing collaboration experiences that are industry specific, collaboration-type specific, and integrated into existing workflows.

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      Fresh Air

      Blue Sky







      Bucket Brigade



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