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      I would really need a professional and quite unique name for a small webdesign/development and translating company I’m about to start here in Sweden.

      I’m thinking that it would be great if  the name somehow could cover both areas or at least give a hint of what the business does. The names I’ve thought of so far are Textura (means web and/or structure in Latin) but it’s already used for some other companies. I’ve also thought of Conpago (meaning something like system, framework, construction, also in Latin). My thoughts at the moment are stuck to the concept of a spiderweb and that I’m trying to create “spinning solutions”. Hope you understand what I mean 🙂

      Thanks so much for all help!

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      Here’s some advice: “unique” and “Latinate-invented” names do not intersect. Avoid the latter — they are way overused across many industries, especially in technology. And don’t be overly concerned with the name “giving a hint of what the business does” — instead, focus on the story you want to tell to the world. After all, do these company names offer any hint of what the company does: Amazon, Oracle, Apple, Starbucks, Virgin? Other than the spiderweb, which is also used quite a bit in IT (the Web, the ‘Net), what is the unique tone and personality of your company, and what makes your company different from all the other IT consulting companies?

      Without having much to go on, here are some names to get the conversation started, representing multiple different approaches to this project:















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      Thanks so much for your answer spark,
      it’s great having somebody else to discuss things with.
      I get a good idea of what you mean by not using latinised names and unique in the same sense, it was very useful having this explained. I really like a lot of the names you’re suggesting, “Texty”, “Weblight” and “Spiderlight” especially appeal to me.

      Sorry I didn’t explained enough what my aim and goals with the company are, I guess there are plenty of more work to do here….anyway my thoughts are that the company will be focusing on the craftsmanship so to speak, and the advantages of being a small, personal company that have the time and will put in the effort to do a careful job…at least something like that. And also that I have the skills to somehow “fix” the website in all aspects: design, translation, proofreading and UI (user interface) experience. Hope you get my point? The customers should feel comfortable and that it’s their decision that counts.

      Returning to the names I chose from your list, first of all “Texty”, which I think sounds catchy, is easy to remember and professional. The problem might be that the name in itself focus a bit too much on “text”, do you see what I mean? Maybe the customers believe that the company only are working with text translations? Other than that it’s my favourite I think.

      The second name, “Weblight” is great in that it too is both professional and memorable. I hope I get your point right that my company “gives light” to the web? I really like the idea and I think that this name sums up what I’ll be doing in a great way.

      Finally, “Spiderlight” is both catchy and very suitable for the thought of having a “spiderweb” as a logo (I haven’t decided on this 100% yet though). It also refers to me somehow being the central figure, doesn’t it?

      Oh and yes another name I’ve thought of is “Webtex Sweden”, a merging of web and text basically, but in a way it sounds a bit dull and plain?

      Looking forward to hear your opinions on my thoughts,

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      Handmade IT

      Personal Touch








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      Thanks again,

      just wanted to let you know that after

      having given your suggestions some thought, I’ve come up with the names

      Fiberworks and/or


      what are your thoughts on this given our previous discussion?

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      All the best

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