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    I am about to open a perfume shop. NOT just perfume, real perfume, made on oils not synthetics. Perfumes with history, not just designers or celebrities putting their name to it. For example CREED 260 years old, one of their most famous scents was made for Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier of Monaco had Creed create it so he could surprise her on their wedding day with a scent to match the flowers in her bridal bouquet. I will also be holding Masterclasses to teach the art of Perfumerie, the history of perfume. I had thought of a couple like NOT CommonScents, however commonscents was taken already and ScentSations however I am just not sure and I would appreciate some input from others.

    Thank you in advance

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    Le Nez
    Scents & Scensibility
    Grace’s Bouquet



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    Scents of Being

    La Parfum Scentre


    The History of Perfume: Making Scents of It All.

    The History of Perfume: A Scentimental Journey.





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