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    I am looking for a pirate themed name that will cover a few aspects.

    I have a large timber pirate ship that is hired out to kids parties. It fits into a car trailer and is assembled on site at the party location (like a huge, massive cubby house!).

    I am into all things pirate related, I live on a large boat, my personal logo is a pirate themed one etc. (I am a mature aged female in case you were wondering !).

    I would like to have a name for the pirate ship hire mainly, but would be great if it would be something I can use down the track as maybe a blog, info pages, website etc.

    Many of the names I have found sound more like a bar or a resort ! As much as I love the fun things like “the floating anchor” it probably won’t appeal to parents.

    Then something like Pirates Playground makes it sound a bit one tracked and not very universal.

    Any ideas most appreciated – happy to look at 2,3,4 words. For example “the Pirates …..” or “the ….. pirate”.

    My favourite word to include would be Pirate, but not limited to this one

    thanks !




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    Also I forgot to add I also like the idea of things like “black flag or black sails” and my logo has a picture of crossed swords in it to so that could be an idea.

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    Pirates Booty

    Crossed Scabbard

    Pirates Scabbard

    R Matey Call

    Sword of Plunder

    Pirates Vessel

    The Black Crow’s Nest


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    Pirate Girl

    Pirate Party

    The Happy Pirate




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