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    Hi all. I am loving all the threads and seeing the creativity of some of you people on here!

    I have a tougher challenge: I am starting as a freelancer starting next year. Eventually I want my startup to grow into a professional development business. I will be doing career coaching on a private and organizational scale.

    Right now I have a full time job as a project manager (where I also coach a team of employees in the company) and I have some gigs on the side, where I do editorial work (blogs and translations). I would like to continue doing the latter on the side.

    So, ideally I am looking for a name that sort of covers both. I realize they are two completely different fields and I will keep them separate as much as I can.

    I would also like to hear some names for a career coaching business, if the initial challenge is impossible (it probably is…).

    My first name is Noelle and my initials are N.S.F.v.T. (…. sorry about that, I don’t need to use them in a name).

    Thank you all very much!

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    Clear Blue Sky

    Blue Heron

    Blue Heights

    Big Up



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