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      My name is Michelle, and I’m ~2 years into a successful growing online Etsy business. I don’t wish to reveal my current business current name, as I don’t want to bias the new ideas. However, I have decided to re-brand with a new name, after coming across 2 other companies with similar names, in similar product categories. I’m participating in my first in-person vendor market at the end of September (which I thought would be semi-casual, but I see it’s becoming quite grand) and I want/need to present a proper professional branded image. So, before investing in a bunch of promotional signs, banners, & other branded/logo items, etc for this market…I feel I must rename the business- I cannot put it off any longer. Please review more details regarding my business below. Thanks in advance for your name suggestions and input!

      Current Tagline: Custom Papercut Designs

      Current Brand Colours: Teal(main), Pink(secondary), Gold

      Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Current Products: Custom Cake & Cupcake Toppers, Family Trees, and other Papercut Art

      Current Materials: glitter cardstock (for cake+cupcake toppers), archival quality cardstock for family trees & other papercut wall art

      Long term future possibility: perhaps a laser-cutting machine in the future. I currently use a machine with a blade, which limits the type of materials I can use, however, it does eliminate the possibility of burnt edges

      Long term future materials: wood & acrylic

      Near Future Products: jewelry featuring papercut art (eg. glass locket pendants). Stationary: greeting cards, luminary table numbers, maybe stickers, gold-foiled party decor. Larger selection of papercut wall art, incorporating watercolour painted backgrounds for the art, offering prints as well as original papercut art. Please keep in mind I may expand to other materials in the future, so not just paper-based products.

      The Cake & Cupcake Toppers are marketed towards cake decorators (professional bakery & home/hobby baker), event/party planners, future brides, etc. In general: Women aged 20 to 60+. I do offer different price points; middle-class to higher income, but not “luxury”. As they are made of glitter cardstock (paper) they are much more affordable to ship vs. wood or acrylic. I will be releasing a new line of cake toppers, with added embellishments, all at a higher price point. I’m aiming to differentiate my cake topper style from others on the market, making something more unique than just calligraphy wording. This will allow me more time to spend on one higher-priced item, as opposed to churning out hundreds of basic-looking toppers. My new “signature” line of toppers will each be a work of art in itself. The cake topper demand is just exploding (for me)…I went with the flow, and gave the people what they wanted- they keep coming back for more!

      Family Trees & other Papercut Art: I offer sizes 8×10″ or A4, and larger sizes upon request. I currently have 3 different Family Trees, and 1x wedding-themed papercut. I would like to put aside some more time to expand my papercut art line. They are definitely selling, with great feedback, so I know I will sell more if I list more variety. The Family Trees are usually purchased by women aged 30 to 60+ (giving them as a gift), and the wedding anniversary papercut is most often purchased by men to gift to their wife for their first anniversary. It’s sometimes purchased by a woman, as a wedding gift for a couple.

      A bit about me: I am a professionally trained custom & wedding cake decorator (10+ years). However, I experienced a physical injury that made it too painful to continue in that line of work. I’ve always dabbled in various art forms in my spare time, which led me to starting an Etsy business. I’ve translated my previous skills sculpting with fondant, and painting with icing…I now use paper and cardstock as my medium!

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      A Cut Above


      Love Lines



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      Very nice! Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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      Prime Cuts

      Cutting Edge Designs

      Paperwork’s of Art




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        Thank you very much Van Helsing. I appreciate you taking the time to post some new name ideas!

        I really like the name Paperwork’s of Art. However, I’m trying not to use the word paper or any specific material type, as I may expand to using wood and acrylic in the longterm future…thinking I’ll eventually get a lasercutting machine.

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      Artsy-Craftsy Creations

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