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    Starting new auto brokerage business – buying and reselling used cars – and am working on naming / tagline.  As everyone knows the auto business has a pretty rough rep – lots of shady people doing dishonest things.  However, there are good people in this business as well and I believe that my character and principles will help me establish a nice business that can generate a good reputation and repeat clientele from customers who are treated with honesty, transparency and good old fashion service.  It is with this that I have initially selected Acme Auto Brokers with the idea that Acme is a word from a bygone era of the 20’s and 30’s when cars were beautiful (art deco age) and your word was your bond…think contracts being done on a handshake.  I thought we could use some auto related art deco art with our logo in old world font and hope it transfers.  Tag line I like are something like “New World Service with Old World Honesty”, “Modern Service with Classic Quality” and/or “Honest Service of a bygone era”.

    However, I am far from creative and am looking for some help – seems like a good idea in my head and of course my mom likes it but would love some feedback.  For reference I would be targeting a mid level price range so I am reluctant to use something that evokes exotic or high-end as that isn’t the market I am going after.  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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