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    • Jane
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      Hi all!

      Someone “gifted” me a business space in a small town’s downtown area for most of the rest of this year (long story). It would not be prudent or efficient to change the name until I know if I’m going to do this past the fall.

      The existing name is Hello Excelsior (it was an artist gallery in Excelsior Springs, Missouri).

      Given the following information, what say you for a tag line or 2nd half of the name? “Hello Excelsior: [insert tagline here]”:

      • MAIN POINT OF BUSINESS: I’m going to provide Reiki treatments (Japanese energy healing – you can Google it) and my business partner is going to provide sound healing treatments with crystal bowls and voice work.
      • Excelsior used to be a place where people came to “take the waters” (natural mineral springs).
      • The historic building across the street is called The Hall of Waters.
      • SECONDARY: There will be a tiny retail area carrying only things that have to do with healing or relaxation or preserving the Earth – anything of that nature. Think essential oils, lavender eye pillows, paintings of flowers, etc. Kind of like what you might be tempted to buy on your way out after receiving Reiki.
      • The entire downtown is supposedly haunted. The hotel nearby, The Elms, is the big tourist destination, and also is home to wedding parties galore most of the year. It was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. I would not be opposed to hosting a medium (for a seance) in the shop in the fall.
      • My partner wants our “symbol” this summer to be a dragonfly.

      I can’t think of any more information at the moment. Hope all that helps! My only lame idea so far is Hello Excelsior, Healing Town. LOL

      I’m a professional writer, but thinking of names is not my strength. 😉

      Thank you in advance!



    • Jane
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      As a follow up:

      A friend thought of –

      Hello Excelsior – A Place to Pause

      Hello Excelsior – A Healing Space

      I’ll work with those a bit…


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