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    I am developing an online website with the primary purpose of providing information and instructions to individuals who have never quilted as well as experienced quilters.  I plan to talk about all the items needed for quilting such as:  fabric, scissors, needles, pins, sewing machines, patterns, and all other notions required to quilt.  I will provide information on places I have shopped that have good service and specific supplies.  I also want to interject recipes now and then a I discuss the collective quilting bees.  I want something catchy that I can put a good logo and slogan with.  Please help


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    Quilting and Sew Forth…

    “For Those Who Have Notions to Quilt”.

    “When It Comes to Quilts I’ve Got You Covered”.

    “Quilting will Keep You in Stitches”.

    “The A, Bee, C’s of Quilting”.


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    The Bee’s Nest

    Barbara’s Bee’s Nest


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    Nooks and Granny’s

    Bab’s Sew and Sew

    Needles to Say

    Seams to Cover It

    Told You Sew

  • FrannyFranny
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    Barbara Quilter

    Feeling Quilty

    Just Sew You Know


  • quarkquark
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    Sigi and Franny – good ones!
    Needles to Say
    Just Sew You Know

    -Quilt Trip
    -Stitch and Bitch (that one taken)

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