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    Hi everyone I need help, have been spending endless hours but cant come up with a good name for my new business.

    I am an engineer and my husband who is also an engineer want to start a company. He is a civil engineer and will be doing bridge inspection, small roadway projects and construction safety and I am an industrial engineer and will be doing product design consulting that includes safety. Overall you can say it would be an engineering consulting firm that evaluates and investigate and advises on the design and safety of products and projects (civil). Any ideas?

    Keywords: Safety, Construction, Product Design, Engineering

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    Roadworks, Roadways,

    Konstruk (I don’t know it just sounds tough and important)

    CES Engineering (C for Consulting, Evaluation & S for Safety products)

    (You could actually just use both your initials followed by Engineering)

    Seeing as its a startup business I’d suggest using the word ‘engineering’ in your name because it makes it super simple.


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