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    I am looking for ‘descriptive’ product name within a product line of dairy products with a high concentration of protein and energy (fat) – for people with diminished appetite (sick, elderly).

    The brand name is Protino (indicating the high level of natural protein), but now we are adding a new product to the line – with an even higher concentration of protein and energy.

    The obvious choice seems to go ‘Plus’ or ‘Compact’. But I don’t know if it would be possible to find something that is a bit more imaginative – while of course still making it relatively easy for people to understand what they get.

    We are also considering launches one specifically for elderly people and maybe even one for kids with special nutritional needs, and here I would love to find a way to name those products without just going ‘Kids’…

    A bit stuck in the rational/functional/feature direction, so any input would be highly appreciated.


    Thank you in advance


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    Protino Ursa
    Protino Minor

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      Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.

      Very good ideas that are quite different than the ones I had.



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    Hi-Protino, ProtinoMax

    Protino Sr.

    Protino Jr.


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    Protino Punch

    Implies packing a protein punch, but you also mentioned helping people get strength back which is implied by “punch”

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