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    hii ,i need help naming a startup bakery which sells cookies mainly , future products would include tea cakes and party cakes , based in mumbai,india  . would avoid using words like sugar , sweet ,honey ,etc and no cliches

    thankyou 🙂

  • quarkquark
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    perhaps this is against the spirit of your request, but here goes…

    Oven Scent

  • Avatarvan helsing
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    Bouquets of Flour

    Frost Bites


    Dessert Island

    Heaven Scent (nod to quark)









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    Hello their….. My advice for your bakery….how about

    “All your cookies”

    “Have your cookies and eat it too”

    “Take the cookies”

    One last suggestion for you ,before deciding your bakery name make sure that someone else is not using the same name for same services. And if you wanna run your business on-line too than you must register your trademarks as soon as possible.

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