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    Hello!  We are in need of help desperately.  We are planning a fundraiser for our high school and need some branding help.  The high school is the oldest high school in Indiana, Shortridge High School, but we have a brand new International Baccalaureate program in the building this year.  New administration, students, new PTA, new everything – except the building.  We need to plan a fundraiser this spring that will be a parent only event.  Our mascot is the blue devil.  We originally were thinking of having an international theme, but it seems kind of boring.  We started thinking about a blue devil theme and keep going round and round.

    Some initial thoughts are to have a tagline of “Let’s be Devilish”  but can’t think of a main title that goes with it.

    Other things that have been mentioned are Global Gala, Shortridge Shindig, Diversion, Social, Riot, Crush, Fest, Palooza,

    Words that have been mentioned:  Ember, Fusion, Serendipity, Spark, Luminato

    We have a very diverse population and want to keep it somewhat casual and fun.  Any ideas and help would be appreciated!!


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    Blue Inferno

    Devil Fever

    Blue Devil Barnraiser
    Shortridge Rumpus

    In the Pale Moonlight

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    Franny, Thank you!!  It’s silly, but I hadn’t thought to work on the word, blue….


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    what is the fundraiser intended for?  where is the money going to>


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    The first goal is to bring our community together and have fun.  This year the school started a new program and their are people from 3 communities combined into one school now.  We are trying to get to know each other and bond so we all feel like we belong to this school together.  Secondly, it’s a fundraiser.  We plan to get everything donated (venue, food, drinks, silent auction items, etc) so there will be minimal costs up front.  It’s a public high school and we have a lot of low income families.  Because of this, we are not allowed to ask our families to pay for anything.  We can’t even ask families to pay an athletic fee if their student wants to play a sport.  So, we have a lot of needs.

    Athletics: uniforms, official/ref fees, ambulance fees (required at every football game), resurfacing of the footbal/soccer field because it has holes and rocks everywhere, bleachers, etc…

    Academic: calculators, technology, books, art supplies, clay, frames, band and orchestra instrument repair, etc…

    The money will go to the PTSA, and then we will talk to our principal to see which items are most needed at the time.  There is talk of narrowing down the focus and raising money for specific items, but that hasn’t been decided yet.  We just decided to do this fundraiser a few weeks ago.

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