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    I need a brand name for bags (backpacks, duffels, and small items pouches) that invokes a sense of exploring.

    It’s features are built for those navigating through the unknown and undiscovered.

    The manufacturing process to make these products is grounded in tomorrow and fueled by the technology and innovation available today.

    The aesthetic is premium and refined and executed to the highest standards …yet accessible to all (not a luxury product / brand).

    I like words and concepts that relate to space, stars, astronauts, atmosphere / air, weightlessness, etc as these convey a sense of exploring / adventure in a high-tech and lightweight way.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Nice brief, thanks.

    Mol  (as in unit of measurement)

    Newton’s Third  (Law)

    G•F  (G-force)


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    Thanks for the fresh perspective Franny!

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