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    Hello All,

    I run an outdoor adventure company called Mountain Queen Expeditions. We used the word Queen as it is run by women. However, it seems like it’s only attracting women as our customers.

    We just started this year. The goal is to have a name that would attract men and women. Currenlty, we are only doing trips in bay area but the plan is to expand internationally and we will have different types of adventures as well.

    Thank you,



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    Go Outside!

    Sure Foot Adventures

    Great Escape

    Big Bear (nod to CA)

    Needlegrass Expeditions (CA nod)

    Salmon Sky

    West Wind




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    So these are great ones but looking for something fun and catchy. Easy to say – one or two words. Also it’s hard to find an available domain to go with the name.

    We do all sorts of adventures – kayaking, backpacking, biking, snowshoeing, biking. Rock climbing, travel etc.


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