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    Hi all

    I was previously a partner at a big law firm, but have decided to start my own legal consulting firm. I will be focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (particularly startups and other entrepreneurs, as this is a passion of mine), because SMEs also need access to quality legal advice at affordable rates. In short, I want to offer the same quality as that offered by big law firms, but at reduced costs to the client.

    I specialise in commercial law and most of my work will relate to contract drafting, review and negotiation.

    I am ideally looking for a one or two word business name – something that is relatively descriptive of what I will do, but without spelling it out in detail (ie nothing like XYZ Legal Consulting). At the same time, the name must be (reasonably) professional and “fitting” of a firm operating in the legal/consultancy space.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated – thanks!

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