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    Hello Forum,

    I have recently started an export-import company, located in the United States, that supports agribusinesses in developing nations. I write to get your assistance in coming up with potential names for my company. My research has suggested that I may want to include words like international, trading, imports, exports, or global in the company name. I want to stay away from words that may not translate well in other languages. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Avatarsnark
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    Global International

    Many Pots

    Many Hands

    HTE (Here There Everywhere)

    Infinite Horizon

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      Thanks for the prompt reply Snark. Those are some really good suggestions. A few were taken, however, I really like HTE. I used WordLab’s Name Generator to come up with the following:

      – WaveSmart
      – Landscape
      – PortAmerican

      Of course with the aforementioned suffixes at the end. What do you think?

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    PAGE – Port American Global Enterprises

    HOPE – Here Or Possibly Everywhere (Just for fun)

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