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      Originally posted by user “pannyx” on the Old Wordlab Forum a few years ago:

      I’m starting a small business making collars for pets. I’m looking for a unique name as there are so many collar designers out there. I did choose some names but when I checked they were taken. I’ve got a long list of ideas but none of them really click for me.
      I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

      I don’t know if it will help if I list some of the ones I tried. A few of them are from your site. I would like the name to be 2 words if possible. I chose some with more but I’m wondering if they are more difficult to remember.

      Here are a few that I tried:

      Zuzu’s Closet – that was my original name but I think I need a name with a collar reference. Zuzu is my dog.
      Collar Me Beautiful
      Doggy Style
      Puttin’ On The Dog
      Mod Dog
      Purple Pig (I have no idea why, but I liked it)

      Here are a few I was thinking of tonight:

      Collar Buzz

      My friend has a collar company named Collar Mania so I thought some might be too close to her name.

      Sorry I’ve written a book but I hope it helps a little. Thanks so much!

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      Here’s how the conversation proceeded from that initial post:

      Lisa Andrews:



      Great names! Thanks again. 🙂 ETA: I checked your names and they are taken. I’m not surprised. 🙂

      I forgot to list ICandy or Eye Candy Collars. When I mentioned that one to my sister she had no idea what eye candy was. I thought everyone knew that but maybe I’m wrong?


      If you like ‘Zuzu’s Closet’, there is no reason why you can’t use it if you just add a strapline that says what you do; for example:

      Zuzu’s Closet | Fabulous collars for fabulous dogs

      …if you like the principle of this, get the team working on a strapline rather than a name…


      Thank you, Chris! My thinking was that if I can’t find a name that I love I would use Zuzu’s Closet. I just didn’t know if it was important to have “collar” in the name.


      Not if you have a strapline that you associate with the name; it is very common practice to handle a brand this way.


      Thanks for the info, Chris!


      Or just name it Strapline 😉


      Thanks Quark! 🙂 I was hoping for some name suggestions if possible. Thanks!


      I liked Strapline

      Pet Rocky
      Curb Appeal


      Thanks Quark! I guess I don’t quite get Strapline but when I googled it I learned a bit about straplines & would like to use one. As Chris explained, it will give me more freedom with my name.

      I’m intrigued by Neckles. Maybe I can use a strapline that says something about the best dressed pet/s wearing them or something. Does anyone like any of these? I was playing with words last night so some are mine & some were given to me by a friend.

      The Artful Dogger (or collar)
      Chic Freak Designs
      PawPrint Designs
      Decked out neck
      Got U Collared
      Collar Art
      Dreaming Dog Designs
      Art Paw
      Ultimate Neckwear

      Thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it.


      I think quark is just playing off the “strap” in strapline being like a collar or leash. “Strapline” is what @chris and the Brits call a tagline.


      Thanks Snark,

      That’s what I thought it must be but I’m not sure most people would know the meaning of the word, not that it matters. Thanks for the explanation!

      I really haven’t been able to come up with anything I love and I need to get this done so I have to choose something. I was thinking of using The Artful Dogger or Dreaming Dog but I would need a good strapline with it.

      Does anyone have opinions on The Artful Dogger or Dreaming Dog? Thanks!


      I like The Artful Dogger. What about your name ModDog — was that taken?

      Dress up your pets.
      The art of the collar.
      A fistful of collars.


      Hi Snark,

      Yes, ModDog was taken. That was one of my favorites. I love the names you’ve given me. I’m going to run them by a friend who is helping me. Thanks so much! 🙂


      I’ve decided on a name! This is going to come out of left field.

      I was planning to name the business “The Art of the Collar” & my friend kept sending me more names so I was kidding around and told her I was going to name it “Miss Picklebug’s Collar Shop”. Miss Zuzu Picklebug is what I call my dog but I figured that a pickle and a bug might really turn people off so I didn’t really consider it. Maybe it’s because I’m burned out on names but I’m either going to call it “Miss Picklebug’s Collars” or Miss Picklebug’s Collar Shop.”

      I know they’re awfully long, which I didn’t want, so if that’s a problem please tell me because I don’t know much about this at all. I figured if I have a really good strapline it might work and I can personalize it with pics of my dog.

      If this is a bad idea please tell me and if not, shall I go somewhere else for help with a strapline? You guys have been amazing! Thank you very much!


      “Miss Picklebug’s Collar Shop” is pretty good, and distinctive, though it is pretty long and could become cloyingly cute over time and wear out its welcome. What about just…


      Short, unique — a descriptive tagline could be “Miss Picklebug’s Collar Shop” or “The collar shop for all your pet collar needs.”


      I was just coming to tell you that my friend’s talked me out of it. I was concerned that it was too long as well. I really like just Picklebug. You are SO good at this! Thank you!

      The friends all like The Artful Dogger which I’m ok with too but I really like Picklebug because it’s different. I’m definitely going to decide today! Thank you for your help & patience. I really appreciate it. 🙂


      Can you believe that Picklebug is taken? I am so surprised. Who is odd enough to think of that name besides me? lol

      Picklebug’s is free but I don’t know if I want to do Picklebug’s Collars. It loses something, don’t you think? I’ll try to think of another word to use with Picklebug.


      I’m down to 2 names. One is Zuzubug & the other is Zuzutopia. I would love to hear your thoughts on them, mainly which one you like better.

      Thanks so much!


      Zuzubug is nice, imo. Note on the Picklebug being taken: I think you mean the domain, but most newer businesses have to confront this and they should not base the name on available domains, but use a simple modifier (, for example).

      HOWEVER, an invented name like Picklebug can probably be owned outright, in terms of a trademark. Thus a Picklebug for dog collars would be encroaching on the mark, even if the existing mark is for Picklebug toy-trains, or something like that.

      Pickle (pet products) and Pickle (toys) can co-exist with seperate trademarks, but Picklebug might be a problem if there is a pre-existing trademark.


      Thanks so much for the explanation, quark! I wasn’t sure what to do so I thought it best to skip the name. When I googled it the woman who had it seemed to be everywhere I planned to sell anyhow. (she was selling children’s tutus)

      I couldn’t decide between the 2 names so we wound up going with Zuzutopia. I would have preferred Zutopia but that was taken. I told my friend that whichever one I chose would probably be the opposite of what you guys would like. lol Oh well. Actually, I had used the name already for a blog I started in March when I got Zuzu so I’m going to use the blog, Etsy & Facebook for now.

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      Neck and Neck


      Pet Couture

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