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    • GingerGinger
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      We are super excited about launching a patent-pending “wearable blanket,” though we’d like to try to stay out of the crowded blanket market and want to lean into the notion of it being wearable (in the realm of a “wrap” versus “blanket”).  Our company is called Thermic Innovations and tagline is “Wearable Warmth.” The original target market, as per the original suggestion, is for those spectating outdoor sports games in cold weather, though we see a quickly extending audience into camping, outside on the porch, etc. (gameside, fireside, mountainside, oceanside, bedside…).

      We first thought of “Cocoon,” though the name was taken, and have been calling it “Warmzy” because it sounds fun, is descriptive, and rolls off the tongue, but would really love input from wordsmiths such as the community on Wordlab.  We’d like to see it be a gender/age-neutral name.  One other name on which we have been ruminating is “Tucket,” as the designer is from Saugatuck, Ct and ket is the final three letters of blanket.  I am chuckling, as I just said we didn’t want to be in the blanket vertical….”The Warmerator” is overboard, and my idea of “Eden” or “Tahiti” as two places which are warm and cozy in their own right, didn’t resonate.

      Thanks so very much, in advance, for any ideas the community sparks.  We are grateful for the input.  What a wonder find today in Wordlab, and we will be certain to jump-in and offer our suggestions to others as well….

    • Avatarsnark
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      Mozy (‘mosey’ — and thus mobile — plus ‘cozy’)




      • GingerGinger
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        Thanks so very much for this, I am interested in how you came up with “Chrysalis,” as I don’t know the origin of the word.  Mozy is super fun and I think the designer may like it, thanks so very much, I will let you know how the naming journey continues…

    • Avatarvan helsing
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      Warm ‘n Fuzzy








    • GingerGinger
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      Thanks so very much for these suggestions, I particularly like “Wrapture” and sent it along to the designer and he likes it as well.  It will go on the list of names we are testing, and I will let you know if it gets chosen.  Peace, Ginger

    • WomanofmanywordsWomanofmanywords
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      What a great idea.  We used to freeze at my son’s hockey games.   Here’s a few ideas.

      Under Cover

      Bundle of joy

      Comfort Zone

      The Serenity Wrap




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