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  • JaneJane
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    Hello all,

    I need a name for a Facebook based Fitbit group challenge (ongoing, monthly).

    Participants would be asked to pay a small monthly fee for taking on the challenge of accumulating x number of steps or x amount of daily activity. Each participant who meets the goal receives a 3 day cruise (rewards vary each month) as well as the health benefits of participating. 🙂 Participants don’t compete against each other.

    In addition, and most importantly, for each person who signs up, the company will donate to a local organization that feeds children in poverty.

    I keep thinking about words/ideas around circles/cycles/giving/receiving. Along the lines of participants give money to the company and then give something back to themselves (a monthly reward and better health) while at the same time also giving “forward” to hungry kids. But I’m coming up blank.

    Thank you in advance.


  • FrannyFranny
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    Fit Forward

    Fit-lanthropy (awkward, but maybe someone can push it further)

    The Good Fit


    • JaneJane
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      I love both FitForward and GoodFit, with maybe the word “challenge” tacked on at the end. I see where you’re going with Fit-lanthropy but I can’t figure out how to move that forward (haha).

      I love the deliberate ambiguity of both Forward and Good.

      Thank you!


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