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    I am looking for help with coming up with a name for my Life Coaching and Consulting business.  I have decided to begin my own business to help those individuals who need guidance, support, and empowerment to make the decisions necessary to travel through their transitional periods that life brings them.

    A little history here may help you see my inspiration and passion for this business.   In 2009, I was released from my job in the Student Affairs division at a midsize university in the central part of the US after nearly 20 years in the profession.  The reason I lost my job was because I going though a very abusive (verbal and physical) marital relationship and because I was a male and my position I did not want to divulge any details of this.  Over the next 5 years, I learned how to stand up for myself and empower my inner-being to overcome the pain and suffering of the abuse, loss of my self-esteem, and loss of a job.  It was also during this time that I also had to deal with a very bitter and contentious divorce as well as the death of my mother (note: I am an only child and my father passed away when I was only 4 years old).

    It is these reasons above that I started to visualize the Positive Transitional Empowerment System the base model for my life coaching model.   I love the word coach because of my background in playing and coaching football, baseball, basketball, and life skills (in my job at the university) in the past.  However, Life Coach seems too cliche as a title to call myself.   Some of my thoughts for names for my business are Transitional Empowerment Coaching, Upward Transition Coaching, and finally Personal Empowering Transitions Life Coaching and Consulting.

    So I want to hear what you think about Ideas for creative names for my business as well as my title. Should I use one I have already given? Maybe you can help.


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    Hi T, thanks for your post and good luck to you. You have a powerful experience – a creative business name with a mission-driven meaning can find its roots from that.

    To answer your question, of the names you’ve come up with, I like Upward the best. In my opinion, the others are a mouthful & could be better put to use as descriptive text.

    Some for instances:

    Upward Coahcing | meaningful guidance through life’s unexpected transitions

    Upward | Find your path through life’s curveballs

    (perhaps this language oversimplifies- but just an example of one way you could go…drawing on your sports background)

    Polaris | A constant through life’s unexpected changes

    Buoyant Consulting | Find your upward force through life pressures

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