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    I am looking for assistance with naming a new business. We provide premedia services to brands through advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments.

    The target audience is creative directors, marketing managers/directors, etc. Primarily male but also female, 30-45 years of age or so.

    We essentially start with design concepts/layouts, and build/prepare/optimize them for print and digital media. We create magazine ads, outdoor billboards, point-of-sale signage, direct mail, packaging, etc. We also build digital static and rich media banners for websites, mobiles, etc. We use page layout (InDesign), illustration (Illustrator), and image editing  (Photoshop) software. Once we build the final files, we deliver them to vendors for printing, web, etc.

    It is an offsite/remote production solution that we provide to these companies. It’s not necessarily a cloud-based service in the typical sense, but it functions that way. I’m like to keep “cloud” out of the name as its misleading but some other “sky-ish” reference could be appropriate.

    I feel that the name should touch upon that we build brands/creative/ideas, and bring the to life. Maybe also touching upon craftsmanship, pride in our work, etc.

    We are hoping to communicate through our branding the following.

    – very attentive to detail with quality of utmost importance

    – sophisticated, yet friendly and approachable. not very flashy

    – a production workhorse, someone that gets a lot of work done on time, and under-budget, with great quality

    – experienced and tech savvy company, that has an appreciation for printing and its history

    – technologically advanced and skilled with software

    – we have a good appreciation and eye for design

    – we are problem solvers and bring a lot of value with our services

    I’m looking for a name that is edgy but trustworthy.


    Thanks for any assistance with this.


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    ProCreative Solutions



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