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    Hello All,

    I’ve been working on this for a while and struggling to find something that’s succinct and not cheesy… something you would be proud to send design work to, work for, and even work with. Using my last name feels a little “meh!” though and doesn’t have much traction.

    Background: I’m a Graphic Designer (Creative Director) opening a design agency focused on creating websites, print, and branding/logo designs. Right now, it’s just myself and a few freelancers I work with, depending on the project. I do have the ability to grow in the near future by taking on a lot more work, which means adding others, and I want them to be part of something that feels bigger.

    Companies in my Space: Fort (, treetree (, Black Letter (, Resource, TenFold, Ologie, Upward, Clutch, Greenfield, Fechtor (owners last name).

    Words I love: tapestry, steadfast, monumental, communicate, words that have rhythm and are easy to spell.

    Tone: confident, bold, adventurous, creative, innovative, charismatic, imaginative, engaging, serious, and refined.

    Any help you might provide will be greatly appreciated 🙂


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    Flying Fortress

    Fresh Tapestry


    Exploding Suns

    Mainspring Industries

    Flagship Incorporated

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    That is super cool! I really like “flypaper” Thanks so much 🙂

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