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      I’m a performing artist with Classical vocal training. I have a production organization, Operotic, that creates socially impactful performance projects focusing on gender, sexuality, and culture. I’m getting started on a major project in which I travel the world, spending weeks in different countries, cities, and communities, studying the local musical culture, learning different singing techniques, and most of all collaborating with local musicians and performers to generate original multi-disciplinary performances that include music, movement, acrobatics, theater, etc. and primarily focus on representing both what is going on artistically in each place now as well as creating material that blends together influences from the different places I visit along the way. The whole process will be heavily documented on a blog and vlog and seeks to contribute to a sense of global unity and cooperation. It celebrates the transience of culture, rather than the preservation of it, and invites young people to continue to cherish the new beauty that we can create when we celebrate and take advantage of our differences to create new ways of looking at and being in the world.

      I’m looking for a name that sounds beautiful and represents the feeling of diversity and unity. I’d like it to be something not to obvious, and not too mysterious. I’ve been looking at working with words like “prism” and “opia.” I very much like the word opia, which refers to the feeling of looking into someone else’s eyes, but there is a restaurant in NYC that bears this name. I thought about combining this word with “orphic” which means mysterious, entrancing, and beyond ordinary understanding. I came up with Orphia, but there is a Grimes song with this title and it kind of sounds like a person’s name. I also thought of working with words that imply travel, like voyage or viajar. I have no problem with it being a foreign word, portmanteau, or made-up word.

      The projects are a little bit Cirque du Soleil – like, but more down to earth and human. They are dark and beautiful and sexy (but respectful to the cultures they represent)… and they are, in my opinion… neo-cultural.

      I’m struggling to find something that suggests the mood and point of this art without hitting people in the face with it. I want  people to feel that they’re coming to see something magical… but that they have some idea of what it’s about when they see a flier or a poster for the performances, or when they follow the instagram, the youtube channel, or the blog.


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      Cool project, thanks for the details.




      I like Opia too. Perhaps Opia Project or Opia Experience



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