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      Basically the concept is as follows:

      Core Business:


      Brand Positioning:

      Elite, Prestige, Top of the Market, Market Leader

      Naming Requirements:

      To be classy, all encompassing, catchy, intuitive, global, somewhat easy to pronounce and can’t be a used name because we plan to move into international market and start with a global foot print thus the pressing need to avoid duplicity with other companies in those markets. Can include words like group, holding, etc since it’s the name for a mother company projected to have multiple subsidiaries.

      Things to avoid:

      Company Investors are of a somewhat morally conservative nature and thus: names of  sexual nature, naughty, immoral, divine/celestial/devious nature are better avoided.

      About the company:

      It will dabble into any kind of business from technology, to marketing, to consulting, to outsourcing, and this is just naming a few industries which we have in mind to start off with.


      I hope this information can help you, help me, because I have gotten super frustrated trying to figure something out, the managing partner likes the names of the companies Arrow, Apple, Axis, Pivot3, and AZUS if this will be of any help.


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