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    Hi folks,

    I am launching a new concept in historic guided walking tours of cities.

    In short, I want to use virtual reality to add an extra dimension to the traditional guided walking tours we are all familiar with. This will include using Virtual Reality goggles (which the tour guide will provide) to allow the participants to stand outside historic buildings which are not normally open to the public and allowing them to ‘see’ inside the building using virtual reality.

    Our USP is about being able to use this new technology to show people things that literally no other walking  tour can show, using the new technology of VR. It will enable people to feel as if they are literally ‘there’ in places they would otherwise not be able to get into…a sort of access all areas thing.

    I’m racking my brains for a catchy name but can’t think of anything  that stands apart.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated







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    Virtual Reality Tours de Force (VR Tours de Force)

    All-Access Walking Tours





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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank you for your suggestions Van Helsing.</p>

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