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    My family recently restored a small chris craft kit motor boat originally built by my grandfather Earl “Bud” Baldwin in 1954.  We are excited to get it out on the water, and want to honor him by naming the boat is some way relating to him. Besides his nickname “Bud” I’ll also tell you that he owned and ran a lumbar company, and his hobbies were his boating and time spent at lake Wentworth. Also, his lake house/camp was named “Brookside”, if that inspires any more ideas.

    Any ideas are welcome!


    Thank you!

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    his surname, business name, or previously used name for the boat might spark an idea

    To brits, “Brookside” is a 20th century soap opera about a housing estate called Brookside Close

    Any historical boat names linked to lumber and the lake, maybe? A site called lists some old names for ships, if not boats on lakes; there might be one linked to timber export

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    Bud Saw

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    Hi, your grandfather sounds like an enterprising guy. Did he have a name for his boat?

    Earl of Wentworth

    Best Bud

    Bud & Me

    Vintage Craft

    Brookside Original

    Spirit of ’54






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    This Bud’s for You

    Chairman of the Board

    Float My Boat

    Out of the Woods




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