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    Hello.  I am in the infancy stages of my company.  I am looking for a catchy, “stand out in the crowd” name for my eco-friendly diaper bags, travel bags, purses, etc.  My bags will be made of eco-friendly materials such as cotton, canvas, etc.  I have been racking my mind trying to think of a great name that stands out from all the other “eco-friendly” businesses.  I am trying to avoid the words “eco, green,” etc. because these words are dated.  It’s been done over and over again.  I like the word Timber because it’s a synonym of the word “Tree.” Can someone please help? 🙂  Thank you.

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    Hi vlcrptr,

    Below are my suggestion for your company name:

    – Timber Attache’

    – Carry-All-Timber

    – TimberTastic! (short for Fantastic Timber)

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    Timber Bag

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    i like Franny’s Sapling
    Could cutify to Lil’ Sapling

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    Yes, Franny nailed it with Sapling — that’s great. Avoid the “Lil'” though — Saplings are already little, young, etc.


    Toot Shoots


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